About Us

Why does your business need online presence?

Not so long ago, businesses relied on traditional marketing and service platforms such as flyers, newspaper adverts, banners and having a physical store. Now, you have multi-billion dollar companies that do not have a physical store; they have an online store! Millions are made every day through an online presence with a website. “A business does not exist if it is not online” – when a potential consumer seeks out a new service or product, typically, their first instinct would be to “Google it”. If your brand or product does not appear when googled (yes, ‘googled’ is now a word in the Oxford dictionary) … then your brand is in need of a little Social Spice. Nowadays, whether or not it is worth investing in a website for your company is no topic for discussion. If your company has no website, you are limiting your brand to consumers who have adapted to search for information and products online (that's 60% of the South African Population and 69% of Western Cape). A website is the communication foundation of any brand, it is the face of your brand, it is the first layer that your potential clients interact with before interacting with you or your staff. Creating a website doesn't have to be an expensive and complicated process, let us show you why!

Who we are & what we do:

Social Spice is a brand consisting of one small but very powerful team that offers the creation of fully-responsive, user-friendly, eye-catching websites. We strongly stand for authenticity and transparency, we do not make use of pre-designed website templates that will limit the development of your online presence. Additionally, to designing and constructing your website, we can help you revamp your current brand logo or help you create a new one. Each project is a personal project to us. Social Spice also offer's SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is an art form on its own! This tool is what is going to help your website pop-up on the top pages of a Google Search. Our web-designer and developer has been trained under Russian web designing and developing curriculums which guarantees you a high-end, up-to-date product. As our world is forever-changing, we also offer website management.

Why choose us?

Social Spice is a one-stop service which means you do not have to scout all corners to own a magnificent, functioning, user-friendly and result-generating website. As mentioned above, every project is treated as part of our family (every brand's logo that we deliver for, get's placed in the footer of our website). As we are a small, intimate team, we do not accept high volumes of jobs as we choose to work on one project at a time with high devotion and dedication in order to ensure only a top-notch product!