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Social Spice: The best one-stop solution for all website needs

Our websites are not created from set-up templates. Each website is carefully designed and constructed from scratch, paying generous time to detail that will make your website stand out; those clean lines, complimenting colours and brand reflective fonts. What you may not know, is that many web-companies make use of already-built website templates which has a negative impact on promoting your business online (reverse effect on SEO – Search Engine Optimizers and a new technology called “ERA Search”). These engines recognize the website templates used as a part of an already existing source and your website will struggle to make its way to, never mind the first, but even the first several pages of a google search.

Our websites are fully responsive. This means that we create one version of your site that will automatically respond (adapt) to any screen size on any device. Whereas with non-responsive sites, you need your web designer to create a desktop and mobile version – which in most cases can cost you some extra bucks (and that’s not considering tablets and other devices).

We will help you develop an outstanding design; today one of the basic requirements of any website is for it to be clear and user friendly. Many people struggle with websites that have too much going on in terms of design; out of frustration they may leave the page and never visit again. This is why the design is vital! As should the design and colour scheme speak to your brand, we also offer to re-develope your brand’s logo, if need be, design one from scratch!

You will also be guided in choosing an appropriate domain name (name of the website) for your website, we will also assist you in choosing the best hosting. We design all kinds of websites; from a one-page landing page to E-Commerce projects that are integrated with a CMS (Content Management System). Our services also cover auditing of your website and the generation of analytics to see how your website is doing, keep an eye on your competitor websites and keep updated the SEO strategy.

Why work with us? It’s simple; we look after our customers from the very first step, we are transparent, low-cost, high outcome and we assure to take personal responsibility for your project.

So add some Spice to your brand!

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